Steven & doneena's round the world trip
Our Trip
Our Itinerary

Train down to the airport.

Saturday 13-Oct-07

Departure: London Heathrow Airport      Time:22.00

Arrival: Delhi       Time: 11:00       14-Oct-07

Journey time:8hr30


Overland to Bombay

Wednesday 14-Nov-07

Departure: Bombay      Time: 00.30

Airline: Singapore Airlines

Arrival: Singapore Airport      Time 08.20      14-Nov-07

Journey time: 5hr25


Overland to Bangkok then fly back to Singapore to catch the next connection.


Thursday 13-Dec-07

Airline: Singapore Airlines

Departure: Singapore Airport      Time: 13.30

Arrival: Hong Kong Airport      Time: 17.15      13-Dec-07

Journey time: 3hr45


Spending Christmas with Steven's brother Paul and Meili followed by a few days in Hong Kong


Sunday 30-Dec-07

Airline: Singapore Airlines

Departure: Hong Kong Intl Airport      Time: 16.00

Arrival: Melbourne Intl Airport      Time: 07.15      31-Dec-07   

Journey time: 7hr15


Overland to Sydney in a Camper Van.


Sunday 27-Jan-08

Airline: Air New Zealand

Departure: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport      Time: 09.50   

Arrival: Queenstown      Time: 17.10

Journey time: 4.10


Overland to Auckland.


Wednesday 27-Feb-08

Airline: Air New Zealand

Departure: Auckland Intl Airport      Time: 19.10

Arrival: Nadi (Fiji)      Time: 21.15      27-Feb-08

Journey time: 3.05

Spending a few days finalizing our wedding which is on the Saturday the 8th March 2008 followed by another few days in other parts of Fiji.


Friday 14-Mar-08

Airline: Air New Zealand

Departure: Nadi (Fiji)      Time: 22.30

Arrival : Los Angeles Intl Airport      Time: 14.20      14-March-08


Overland to New York.


Monday 14-Apr-08

Airline: Virgin Atlantic

Departure: New York JFK Intl      Time: 19.50

Arrival: London Heathrow Airport      Time: 07.45      15-Apr-08

Train back to Doncaster.